Good for your home, business, town and planet.  Quality landscaping products sustainably produced from recycled organics.
High quality mulch, topsoil and compost. Serving homeowners, businesses and municipalities
We recycle leaves, wood, brush and other organics. Diverting them from landfills and converting them for reuse.
Decades of professional recycling management experience. We use only natural processes and sustainable practices.
Convenient locations and great product selections. Come see us for your landscaping needs, or let us deliver right to you.
Choose GreenCycle for beautiful results. For your home, for your business, for your town.

residential mulch and landscaping services Beautiful landscaping products to enhance your plantings:
municipal landscaping services Services from individual rentals to complete site management:


  • July in your CT Garden: What to Fertilize

    Organic Fertilizer should be Applied Now If your Connecticut garden includes¬†roses, butterfly bushes, delphiniums or daylilies, July is the time to apply some organic fertilizer to these plants in particular. Hopefully your roses were initially planted with¬†a quarter compost and a quarter composted bark mixed into their soil. This is especially important if your garden […]